The history of Blanes predates the Roman conquest. Iberian activity has been attested in the area. Romanization of Blanes and its surroundings began around the third century BC. Roman remains of the Blandae site lie nearby. After Roman rule ended the area shared the fate of much of the Peninsula, being conquered successively by the Goths, the Moors, and the Christians shortly after. In the 13th century, after the Christians regained power, important architectural developments took place in Blanes. Some examples are the palace, Palau Vescomtal, the Església Parroquial church, and the city walls. In the 17th century, during the Catalan Revolt (Guerra dels Segadors), Blanes was practically burned to ashes. The Palau Vescomtal was completely destroyed. The War of the Spanish Succession also affected Blanes. Following this, reconstruction and the expansion of agriculture began.

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