Arenys de Mar

Arenys is the capital of the county district. Fishing and related industries are the principal economic activity of the town.Two industrial zones are being developed under public and private promotion. Agriculture has gone down in the last years, but the cultivation of fruits and vegetables is still thriving. The fishing and the various related industries which have grown around the harbour move a considerable part of the economic activity of the town. The harbour is the most important one in the Maresme and has practically the whole fishing fleet of the region. A fish auction takes place every afternoon when the boats return. There is ample space in the port reserved for yachts. During the summer, many sailing boats anchor here on their Mediterranean journey. The shipyard is still an important local industry. The Riera (the dry uncovered river bed) is the commercial centre and the hub of all local activities. The market, an Art Nouveau building, remains open every morning as well as Friday afternoons. Inside, it is bustling with people and constant activity. On Saturday mornings, the commercial hustle takes itself to the Riera in the form of a weekly street market. Two village festivals are held in honour of Saint Zenon (9 July) and Saint Roc (16 August), and a big fair is celebrated on Saint Joan's Day (24 June). Arenys de Mar possesses a grammar school, an agricultural school for chicken farming, a school of music and various schools where the old craft of lace-making is taught.

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