Guimerà's mediaeval main square contains the town's museum, which houses many local artifacts from the times of the pre-Roman Iberians, the Roman Empire, and mediaeval times. The village's major annual festival is that of its patron saint, St. Sebastian, on the weekend nearest to 20 January, his feast day. Since 1994, the annual mediaeval fair held in August has attracted many visitors Guimerà is noted for its well-preserved mediaeval layout and limestone buildings, which are densely clustered together on the hillside, linked by narrow streets, stairways, and tunnels. Much of the town wall and several of its gates still remain. The castle, in a commanding position overlooking the village, dates from the 11th century.It was largely destroyed during a battle of the First Carlist War in 1835. Since 1984, large parts of the castle have undergone restoration. The castle's restored watchtower is now open to the public. Santa Maria de Guimerà parish church, with at left, one of the town wall's gates. Jujol's altarpiece in the parish church. The parish church of St. Mary, a large building beside the castle, dating from the 14th century, is the most notable extant building. Historically, it contained an elaborate altarpiece painted by Ramon de Mur [ca] in the early 15th century, but this artwork is now found in the Episcopal Museum of Vic. In 1940 a new altarpiece was created by the architect Josep Maria Jujol. Located 2 km west of the village stands the religious sanctuary of La Bovera, dating from the 13th century, which is still in active use. The ruined convent of Vallsanta is located 1.5 km west of Guimerà village, close to La Bovera. It was founded by Cistercian nuns who moved from their previous site at La Bovera in the 13th century. It was abandoned around the year 1600. It contains a variety of architectural styles from the Romanesque and Gothic periods. In 1975, the Spanish Government registered the historic centre of Guimerà as a protected national monument, followed by its castle in 1988. The list of architectural heritage monuments maintained by the Generalitat of Catalonia (government) contains 24 structures in Guimerà village and municipality

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