The old remains of settlement are dated of the middle-new Neolithic (about 3500–2500 BC). The archeological finds consist of carved stone and silex tools which were found in Seriol hill and Manresà area and tombs with grave goods in Sistrells and Llefià quarters. Deposits of the bronze and Iron Age have been found in old brickyards (dated about 1800–1500 BC) many years ago and in the masies of Can Butinyà and Can Mora in the Canyet quarter (1500–1100 BC) Before the settlement of the Romans in Hispania the territory of Badalona was populated by Iberians who were settled over the Boscà hill (198 metres above the sea level), from where it is possible to watch the coastline. The settlement is first dated at least on the 4th century BC and was totally abandoned by the 1st century AD due to the romanization. Despite the presence of the Iberians, the origins of the city usually are date around the year 100 BC, when the Romans founded a city ex novo on Rosés hill (26,8 metres) next to the coast. The Roman town's plan was based on their common scheme of the cardo and decumanus, occupying some 10 ha, with a line of walls. The Roman city was very dynamic, especially during the reign of Augustus, with an specialised vineyard agriculture destined to produce wine to export all over the empire. From the 3rd century, the city started declining and was almost depopulated and people fled to rustic village. However, the few remains of the Late antiquity prove that Baetulo was never abandoned Badalona is popular stop for tourists. The city has its own touristic route featuring the old town of Dalt de la Vila with stops in the Church of Santa Maria, the Old Tower and some medieval streets, besides some modernist houses. From there and following Costa street, it shows the Baix a Mar or Centre area, which concentrates a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Key tourist stops include: Monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra. Old Roman Baetulo, in the Museum of Badalona. Iberian settlement of turó d'en Boscà. City beach. Annual Burning of the Devil during Festes de Maig.

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Museu de Badalona Pl. Assemblea de Catalunya, 1 Badalona Barcelona Province, Cataluña 08911 Spain

The Museum is located on the remains of the ancient Roman city of Baetulo

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